Flatpackwalker in news

http://www.protospace.nl/content/protospace-novu-editie-nl-rtl4 -> see the flatpack walker in action on dutch television – it has also been submitted in the unlimited design contest http://unlimiteddesign.nl/en/node/44/6 It is being used in the fablabtruck: http://www.fablabtruck.nl/nl/fablabtruck/lesprogramma.html Also on idealize (read interview) http://www.idealize.nl/2009/09/udc-2009-edwin-over-simplewalker/ Joris van Tubergen (protospace) talks about the robot in this interview (see vimeo)Read more

Repstrap V2

It is fun to see how deprivation of material can spark creativity! By setting the boundaries for this project to use ONLY the parts of printers and computer junk, you can – will come up with solutions you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of! After last week’s enthusiastic post, reality kicked in hard when trying toRead more

Repstrap V2

Some time ago I tried rep-strapping using 5-1/4” diskdrive motors and MDF wood. (see here). The motors turned out to be way too weak, the M5 thread way to slow. Perhaps a larger thread (M12) and some bigger steppermotors can save this evening of work. In this second attempt I have been using only theRead more

Rubber Duck Can Be Useful!

I’m not particularly clumsy. Ehm.. That is to say.. I’m not particularly clumsy when it is not Early In The Morning, when I have consumed to much drinks containing alcohol, when I’m not paying attention or simply when the bathroom floor is slippery. Anyway, I have this cabinet with very sharp edges and corners. VeryRead more

Keltic harp tuning when no key is available

This is probably a very very rare issue that needed a special solution. Anyway. If somebody out there find him or herself in the same situation, read on, remember, and know what to do. If you’re out on a stage, with a folk-band, you have your basic tools, the harp is seriously in need ofRead more

Flexible blower in car

Not so much a post for wintertime, but hey, you can make one now and use it next summer! You can plug this flexible blower in a cigarette – lighter socket in a car, and aim it where you want. I used a 12V computer fan, some epoxy glue and a tie-wrap.Read more