Halfmoon switch for Nord HP4

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The Nord HP has a nice switch for controlling the leslie. It is also possible to connect a half-moon switch to the pedal (control) input to have a simple slow-fast toggle switch action. Now, in order to have a more traditional slow – stop – fast three-way half-moon Leslie(r) switch, I made this tiny midi-controller.Read more

Arduino Music

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Three examples of musical Arduino’s. The first one is using a MIDI-shield as MIDI-mapper for connecting an XBox360 drum kit to an AKAI MPX8 sampler. The middle one is a stand-alone Auduino granular synth, using 5 potentiometers on a proto-shield. The last one is an Arduino Leonardo which works as USB-MIDI device, taking signals fromRead more

Robotic Desk Light

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Two IKEA lamps have been sacrificed for this robotic desk-light. The footplate was part of a standard black desk-light, the red cone comes from a different design (IKEA Fryebo). The arm consists of five dynamixel servo’s, inside the cone a 16LED neopixel ring light has been mounted. The arm is controlled using a combination ofRead more

Xbox 360 drum controller as MIDI device

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A recently acquired Xbox 360 drum controller proved to be one of the easiest retro interface designs ever. The setup comes standard with a MIDI out! In order to connect it to an Akai MPX8 sampler, a slight re-mapping of MIDI note numbers (can also be done in the sampler) and adjustment of velocity levelsRead more

Arduino case

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Finally a very useful Arduino case design: small, sleek – and it allows for placing shields as well. Cut your own (with a fretsaw or lasercutter) using the following template: pdfRead more

Guitar hero as -standalone- MIDI device! Works on iPhone!

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The world has seen some versions of the guitar hero controller used for live music. Most versions included a MAX/MSP patch or other software running on a computer. In this retro-interface I’m looking at a different option, connecting the guitar as standalone USB MIDI device, so it can be connected to iphone directly! Check outRead more

18-servo walker

New A4 flat-kit design: a 18-servo 6-legged hexapod. It does not walk (yet) but servo control works and the mechanics look good: All parts can be cut from a single A4 sheet of acrylic glass. Other parts include 18 miniature servo’s (selling for 5EUR as TopLine mini-servo ES-05 JR (at Conrad Electronic)) and an ottantottoRead more

Standalone dial-a-song

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Using a telephone retro-interface and Arduino wav-shield-derivative a box has been build which allows you to use an old rotary phone as standalone dial-a-song system. This makes an excellent CD-pre-listening device for our CD-sales stand at concerts. The system is fully documented (including schematics, software, PCB layout) on the wiki. Although numerous designs have beenRead more

Flatpack Walker with Sensor

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As presented for the first time on FAB6, using a Sharp gp2y0a02 sensor the flatpack-walker just got a little bit smarter. As long as the distance sensor is triggered, the robot walks backwards. The code is still pretty simple:  

 Read more

Beamer autostart

For a public display a beautiful LG HS200G LED beamer has been used which can play from USB data sources. However, no autoplay – autostart function was included. The beamer has been connected to a power source with timer switch. However, somebody still needs to push the on-off button, go trough the menu etc.. TheRead more