Nylon Extruder from soldering station

Of course, the machine described in the previous post was never meant to have a sole purpose of pizza printing (which it admittedly does badly) but to become a repstrap machine so I can build a sweet Mendel. Next step after a cartesian robot is the plastic extruder. Although other people have tried to useRead more

Flatpackwalker in news

http://www.protospace.nl/content/protospace-novu-editie-nl-rtl4 -> see the flatpack walker in action on dutch television – it has also been submitted in the unlimited design contest http://unlimiteddesign.nl/en/node/44/6 It is being used in the fablabtruck: http://www.fablabtruck.nl/nl/fablabtruck/lesprogramma.html Also on idealize (read interview) http://www.idealize.nl/2009/09/udc-2009-edwin-over-simplewalker/ Joris van Tubergen (protospace) talks about the robot in this interview (see vimeo)Read more

Personal Fabrication

I’m really enthusiastic about the reprap project. The whole Idea of having a printer that can print functioning parts, just on your desktop is .. well.. cool. The reprap is a machine that can replicate part of its own parts. However, to build one from scratch you get a certain ‘bootstrap’ problem.. Hence you haveRead more