Solder fume extractor light

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Very simple addition I should have made years ago. Of course, solder fumes are never nice at best of times, but having a clunky black humming extractor in your face is also something you might be inclined to neglect. Especially since it blocks out a lot of light you need on your soldering work-piece. HenceRead more

Ex-libris stamp

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Trotec Laser cutters are originally designed for cutting stamp rubber. A logical follow-up is to design the mechanical bits (read: wood-block) using the laser cutter as well.. With this design on the plate (image mirrored, of course) – which has been adapted from an old book on ‘wonders of technology’. The rolling stamp is 20Read more

HECO victa 200 repair

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Audiophiles, please navigate away from this page. It might make you cringe, hit random bystanders, etc. That having said, some time ago I came into the possession of two simple bookshelf speaker cabinets by HECO, the Victa 200. Unfortunately one mysterious destructive force in my house took the life of one of the tweeters. (thisRead more

Recycled plastic bag wallet

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Use an old iron, set at maximum temperature. Use bake sheets, fold a lot of old plastic bags in between, press hard with the iron.. The idea was also presented at fab6. Now the plastic sheet has been used on a normal sewing machine to make a small wallet. Next up: the big obligatory messengerRead more


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Having recently bought a Babboe cargo bike, my workshop was littered with big cardboard boxes. What to do.. what to do.. A quick look around on the net yielded this designer of cardboard bookshelves. One hour later the babookshelf (babboekenkast) was a fact… The shelves have been made out of double cardboard, stuffed with rolledRead more

Beamer autostart

For a public display a beautiful LG HS200G LED beamer has been used which can play from USB data sources. However, no autoplay – autostart function was included. The beamer has been connected to a power source with timer switch. However, somebody still needs to push the on-off button, go trough the menu etc.. TheRead more

Spool-knitted cable sleeve

In the category ‘Utterly useless customizations’ the spool-knitted cable sleeve for mac adapter. Why? – the only answer that makes some sense is probably ‘why not’. Besides that, wiring used to have cotton or nylon sleeves with a similar woven pattern, you just don’t get that type of cable anymore these days.. so you couldRead more

Black Cat

Another nice weekend project: a stuffed cat. Using a pattern from this link I made a nice black cat. It has the same silly look in its eyes that young kittens sometimes have 🙂 It is a very nice A4-design. Just print out, cut fabric, stitch everything together and stuff it…Read more


Another nice DIY weekend project. A baby-cradle that can be fixed to the side of a bed, so both mattresses are flush.Read more

Rubber Duck Can Be Useful!

I’m not particularly clumsy. Ehm.. That is to say.. I’m not particularly clumsy when it is not Early In The Morning, when I have consumed to much drinks containing alcohol, when I’m not paying attention or simply when the bathroom floor is slippery. Anyway, I have this cabinet with very sharp edges and corners. VeryRead more