Video Projection System

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For the 100th Gonnagle performance I designed a ‘live video drawing tool’ using webcam, LED spots and processing app.. Software has been written in Processing.. pretty straightforward.. Especially the filters are simple to use but very powerfull.. In the application they are controlled using a midi controller (Korg NanoKey)

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Time Stretcher

Some time ago I paid a visit to Tate Modern. In the turbine hall was a funny, dreamy, if not to say fear-and-loathing-in-las-vegas like video projection. I used processing to figure out what they did. Here’s a video of the result and the processing source code. The work can be traced back to Bill SpinhovenRead more

32×32 bit Pong

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Connecting everything with everything… Here a computer playing Pong with itself. The motorfaders from the Behringer BCF2000 can either used as user-input or taken over by the PC. Check the processing example hereRead more

LED matrix on arduino

The previously discussed LED matrices have been mounted on a perspex stand, and instead of the mublock controller I have used a normal Arduino Diecimila. Since the software was originally written for WinAVR using some of the AVRlib functions, I haven’t made a full functioning Arduino sketch yet. Bitmap images give the start configuration forRead more

Game of life on dot-matrix

First of all I wish you an inspiring and creative 2009! The remainder of this post is about the Dot matrix LED display. This ‘game of life’ simulation is running in Processing, communicating via serial port to an ATmega32 controller which controls two LED dot matrixes. The displays were on sale at baco-army-goods, and hadRead more


While making a dynamixel library for Processing, I started fiddling around with a simple humanoid head that I constructed earlier (as temporary setup for the soccer Humanoid). This head consists of three AX-12+ types dynamixel servo’s by Robotis, and two Logitech Webcam’s (currently only one used). The control software in Processing controls the head (basicRead more