Robotic Desk Light

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Two IKEA lamps have been sacrificed for this robotic desk-light. The footplate was part of a standard black desk-light, the red cone comes from a different design (IKEA Fryebo). The arm consists of five dynamixel servo’s, inside the cone a 16LED neopixel ring light has been mounted. The arm is controlled using a combination ofRead more

A4 design challenge

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Build a cool reproducible robot out of one A4 size sheet of laser cut material Objective In many Fablabs Lasercutters are accesible to anyone with a good idea. This machine is perfect for cutting trough sheet material with high precision. Reason enough to use it for building cool robots! The contest is open for anyoneRead more

Dancing Man Finished

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The dancing man is ready to be revealed: the presentation is Friday 7th at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. See also a report in Bright..Read more

Hexapod in the press

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IEEE Pervasive Computing magazine recently had an article featuring the hexapod, elaborating on FabLab power in University contextRead more

TechFest 2012

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Together with PLANETART and FullFormFreedom invited to show some of the robots at the TechFest 2012 festival in Mumbai, India.Read more

Dancing Man Project

Here’s the making of- clip of the dancing man robot. Although the project is still very much under construction, it gives a good clue where it’s going…Read more

Exhibition in ‘de Vrijhof’, Enschede (Netherlands)

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Talking about thwarting the Demo-effect. At the opening last Thursday (2011-02-17) of an exhibition of my work I tried to get about 18 of my installations up and running (not simultaneously). Most of them worked (at a second go). Good result all in all – the title ‘don’t worry, everything’s under control’ remains well chosen,Read more

RecycledRobotics at Gogbot 2010

The printer-printer from the previous post was shown for the first time to the public at the Gogbot 2010 festival in Enschede. In a steel shipping container a small recycled-robotics lab was created featuring ‘pix’ – the pneumatic robot desk-light and a remote controlled power-socket-with-construction-light called the ‘Color Chaser’.Read more