Hello world!

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Cool retro interfaces

A very interesting post on retro thing : The optical audio-tapes on the pallophotophone, how would they work? Perhaps a system reminiscent of the optigan organ? I tried to make a similar system once, using a printed disc on a disk-drive motor. Unfortunately my pickup (a photodiode) only picked up 50Hz noise.. (okay, I wasRead more

Repstrap V2

It is fun to see how deprivation of material can spark creativity! By setting the boundaries for this project to use ONLY the parts of printers and computer junk, you can – will come up with solutions you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of! After last week’s enthusiastic post, reality kicked in hard when trying toRead more

Just started today…

Freaky ideas, novel and weird technology.. I do like to live in today’s world, somehow I believe it is getting more and more fun, at least for me… and I hope I can share some of it. Hmm.. that sounds a bit mushy, doesn’t it? The big existential question when starting a blog is alwaysRead more