A4 design challenge

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Build a cool reproducible robot out of one A4 size sheet of laser cut material Objective In many Fablabs Lasercutters are accesible to anyone with a good idea. This machine is perfect for cutting trough sheet material with high precision. Reason enough to use it for building cool robots! The contest is open for anyoneRead more

Dancing Man Finished

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The dancing man is ready to be revealed: the presentation is Friday 7th at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. See also a report in Bright..Read more

HECO victa 200 repair

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Audiophiles, please navigate away from this page. It might make you cringe, hit random bystanders, etc. That having said, some time ago I came into the possession of two simple bookshelf speaker cabinets by HECO, the Victa 200. Unfortunately one mysterious destructive force in my house took the life of one of the tweeters. (thisRead more


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Commissioned by Trotec Laser as present for Trodat‘s 100 year anniversary: a retro clock shaped like one of Trodat’s modern stamps… The used acrylic was all laser cut of course 🙂Read more

Video Projection System

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For the 100th Gonnagle performance I designed a ‘live video drawing tool’ using webcam, LED spots and processing app.. Software has been written in Processing.. pretty straightforward.. Especially the filters are simple to use but very powerfull.. In the application they are controlled using a midi controller (Korg NanoKey)

 Read more

Hexapod in the press

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IEEE Pervasive Computing magazine recently had an article featuring the hexapod, elaborating on FabLab power in University contextRead more

TechFest 2012

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Together with PLANETART and FullFormFreedom invited to show some of the robots at the TechFest 2012 festival in Mumbai, India.Read more

Dancing Man Project

Here’s the making of- clip of the dancing man robot. Although the project is still very much under construction, it gives a good clue where it’s going…Read more

E-Pulse Festival Breda

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Full show at the E-Pulse Festival with ‘Pix’, the PizzaPlotter, ColorChaser. Also together with Wout a performance with the FirePlotter.Read more