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Cool retro interfaces

A very interesting post on retro thing : The optical audio-tapes on the pallophotophone, how would they work? Perhaps a system reminiscent of the optigan organ? I tried to make a similar system once, using a printed disc on a disk-drive motor. Unfortunately my pickup (a photodiode) only picked up 50Hz noise.. (okay, I wasRead more

Beamer autostart

For a public display a beautiful LG HS200G LED beamer has been used which can play from USB data sources. However, no autoplay – autostart function was included. The beamer has been connected to a power source with timer switch. However, somebody still needs to push the on-off button, go trough the menu etc.. TheRead more

Time Stretcher

Some time ago I paid a visit to Tate Modern. In the turbine hall was a funny, dreamy, if not to say fear-and-loathing-in-las-vegas like video projection. I used processing to figure out what they did. Here’s a video of the result and the processing source code. The work can be traced back to Bill SpinhovenRead more

Locative media – phone

Although most modern telephones have GPS installed – this project takes things a little differently. An old rotary phone is connected using the phonebox to a GPS antenna. Stories are being recorded and stored with location data in the device. When the device re-visits the location, it will give a phone call using the earlierRead more

Spool-knitted cable sleeve

In the category ‘Utterly useless customizations’ the spool-knitted cable sleeve for mac adapter. Why? – the only answer that makes some sense is probably ‘why not’. Besides that, wiring used to have cotton or nylon sleeves with a similar woven pattern, you just don’t get that type of cable anymore these days.. so you couldRead more

PhoneBox: retrointerface for phones

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Yezz! another retrointerface ready. The phonebox simulates all necessary signals to operate a rotary-dial style telephone to any other device. Dialed numbers are put through to a serial port. For audio connection a line-in and line-out are given. The board puts a 12V line-voltage on the phone, and can also generate the 70V – 20HzRead more

Black Cat

Another nice weekend project: a stuffed cat. Using a pattern from this link I made a nice black cat. It has the same silly look in its eyes that young kittens sometimes have 🙂 It is a very nice A4-design. Just print out, cut fabric, stitch everything together and stuff it…Read more


Another nice DIY weekend project. A baby-cradle that can be fixed to the side of a bed, so both mattresses are flush.Read more