Panoramic pictures with Flatbed Scanner

  In make issue 14 was an article about using a flatbed scanner for making pictures. We took this idea one step further making panoramic pictures using a rotating stand…. all in one evening’s work 🙂 parts All that’s needed is one magnifying glass (The one from your third hand does fine) scanner, box, tapeRead more

Amplifying a reed organ

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electrifying instruments A way of ‘electrifying’ acoustic instruments is addition of a microphone or pickup. While piezo pickups are often used and are very simple to interface (glue the piezo speaker of an anoying melody-playing birthday card to the body of your guitar and you’re there) the sound quality can be quite poor. Especially forRead more

Back from Suzhou

Last monday we traveled back from Suzhou. Unfortunately the robots have been delayed by the customs inspection, so we haven’t been able to continue working on them. Visiting the RoboCup 2008 has been a great experience, and I think it was certainly worth it to have 18 people working very committed on the completion ofRead more

Suzhou update

Days fly past here. We managed to get the second robot (twente-TUlip or just TUlip2) working right in time. Just minutes after we did its first complete test (standing still) the delft-TUlip (TUlip1) broke one of its optical encoders for hip angle measurement. So tomorrow we’ll have to use the TUlip2 robot for the goal-keepingRead more

First day @ Suzhou

Today started with a lot of work on our robots. To be honest, they were not completely working when they got here, and due to transport and other circumstances, besides the ’scheduled work’ there is a lot more to solve, repair, invent, design and build. Besides the dealings with our own two robots, there isRead more

Arrived in China for RoboCup 2008

With the team ‘Dutch Robotics‘ the three technical universities are going to participate in the RoboCup 2008. After a long flight we arrived in Shanghai today, and took an almost equally long coach-trip to Suzhou, where the contest is being held. We are hopping from air-conditioned bus to air-conditioned hotel room, which is just asRead more

Just started today…

Freaky ideas, novel and weird technology.. I do like to live in today’s world, somehow I believe it is getting more and more fun, at least for me… and I hope I can share some of it. Hmm.. that sounds a bit mushy, doesn’t it? The big existential question when starting a blog is alwaysRead more