Flatpack Walker with Sensor

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As presented for the first time on FAB6, using a Sharp gp2y0a02 sensor the flatpack-walker just got a little bit smarter. As long as the distance sensor is triggered, the robot walks backwards. The code is still pretty simple:  

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Flatpackwalker in news

http://www.protospace.nl/content/protospace-novu-editie-nl-rtl4 -> see the flatpack walker in action on dutch television – it has also been submitted in the unlimited design contest http://unlimiteddesign.nl/en/node/44/6 It is being used in the fablabtruck: http://www.fablabtruck.nl/nl/fablabtruck/lesprogramma.html Also on idealize (read interview) http://www.idealize.nl/2009/09/udc-2009-edwin-over-simplewalker/ Joris van Tubergen (protospace) talks about the robot in this interview (see vimeo)Read more

whiskers for the flatpack walker

So much for the ‘paws’, on to the whiskers. I used old guitar string which is very flexible (but does not permanently deform that easy) so it stays in shape nicely. The switch is made out of one loop of wire which normally does not touch the feeler-wire. As soon as the feeler is bendedRead more

simpleWalker = flatpackWalker

Okay.. by common consent my simpleWalker has been dubbed flatpack walker according to hack a day. Who am I to disagree.. It got posted on hack-a-day after my first-time-ever ‘instructable‘ I posted on this topic.Read more

Fablab version of simpleWalker

At the protospace fablab I made a laser-cut wood version of the simpleWalker. It took only 5 minutes on the laser cutter, instead of an hour behind the bandsaw! I used 4mm birch plywood. The robot works well (and smells like a campfire … oh well…) Again, it can be seen walking on YouTube (butRead more

Arduino brain for simple walker

In the first version of the simple walker I used a custom atmega32 based board. I replaced it by a ‘custom’ version of the Arduino which I dubbed ‘ottantotto’ The microcontrollerboard is a breadboard version of the ‘ottantotto’ controller. It uses an ATmega88 instead of mega168 (mostly because they are cheaper, they sell forRead more

Simple Walker – finished

The simple 2-servo walker (which I hope to use as a fablab-ready robot kit) went through its first paces today. The microcontrollerboard used is an ATmega32.. my ‘ottantotto’s haven’t arrived yet 🙁 The robot walks well, now it’s time to make it turn, avoid obstacles, sit up, make noise, etc… You can see it walkRead more

Simple walker

This is a try-out of a FabLab-ready kit design for a 2-Servo walking robot. The design is inspired by the lynxmotion kits and the designs by david buckley. The goal for this project is to make all mechanical parts for the servo walker out of 1 A4 size sheet of plywood (or perspex, lexan, delrin,Read more